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Be a MEC Partner!

Why Partner with Us?

Be a MEC Partner in Innovation. As the Premier Technology Provider in the Philippines, we aim to empower our partner dealers to the right products for the right solutions for their right customers. Technology Resellers and System Integrators are all welcome to be a part of our more than 800 partners in the Philippines.

When your company becomes a MEC reseller,
you can get connected to:

  • More than 20+ globally recognized brands
  • A dedicated account manager to guide you to success
  • Our certified solution architects to help you deploy and sustain our technology portfolio
  • Our support engineers and technical customer care group for your post-sales concerns


List of Requirements for Reseller Credit Terms Application

Accomplished Online Reseller Form

Complete the Reseller Credit Terms Application form here: www.mec.ph/dealership/registration

Authorization to Conduct Credit Investigation Form

Upload a scanned copy of the signed authorization to conduct credit investigation form. The form must be signed by an authorized bank signatory.

Instructions for the client:

1. Sign the provided form and send to your respective bank representatives.

2. Have them acknowledge the signed authorization with their contact details (name, designation, contact number, email) and their time slots wherein they can receive our call to investigate on your account.

3. Take a screenshot of the bank acknowledgement and attach on the dealership application

Business Related Documents

Attach and submit the following documents

  1. Company Profile
  2. Business Registration/Mayor’s Permit
  3. BIR Form 2303
  4. Registration Type
    • Sole Proprietorship
      • DTI registration
      • Owner’s valid Identification (Passport, Driver’s license, updated NBI clearance, SSS/UMID)
    • Corporation
      • SEC Certificate of Registration
      • Articles of Incorporation and By Laws
      • General Information Sheet
      • Partners/incorporators valid identification (ex. Passport, SSS ID,UMID,TIN)
  5. Business Location Proof
  6. Organization Structure of the company (with names and titles/positions)

Financial Documents

  1. Latest Financial Statements (at least 2 consecutive years)
  2. Annual Income Tax return
  3. Bank Statements (at least latest 2 months)
  4. Specimen signatures of authorized check signatory/ies

Other Relevant Business Documents

  1. ISO Certificate/s
  2. PCAB Certificate
  3. Other Certificate of accreditation/recognition relevant to business