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The Future of SD-WAN

The World’s First SASE Platform

Cato provides a global, converged SD-WAN and network security cloud service. Cato enables you to move away from legacy MPLS, a bundle of security point solutions, and expensive managed services, to a simple, agile, and affordable network. Self-service or a managed service is up to you.

Why Choose Cato Networks

Global, SD-WAN, Security, Cloud , Mobility. Converged. Cato improves your connectivity and security and makes your network simple and easy to manage. With full network security everywhere, you can eliminate branch firewalls and their maintenance work.

Cato Solution Suite

Cato is providing a range of advanced security services built into a global cloud network. The Cato Cloud aggregates all enterprise traffic across data centers, branches, mobile users and cloud infrastructure into the cloud. It then applies multiple security engines to enforce a comprehensive security policy on both WAN- and Internet-bound traffic, and all users, both fixed location and mobile.

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