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Access Control and Authentication Solutions
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Powering the Identities of people, places, and things

HID Global Extended Access Technologies (EAT) support a wide variety of identification and authentication devices, which can be integrated into 3rd party hardware- and software-environments.


Protect your digital and physical assets


Monitor and manage authentication anytime and anywhere


Extend your access and authentication with your mobile devices


Easy to use and can be integrated to 3rd party applications 


Augmenting your privacy policies with powerful tools

Why Choose HID Global EAT?

HID works with some of the most innovative organizations on the planet—helping them to create trusted physical and digital environments so that they and the people who use them can fulfill their potential.

EAT RFID Products

iCLASS SE Processor

  • Chip for Low-Level Integration
  • Seos and Mobile Access

iCLASS SE Reader Module

  • Reader Core Module
  • HF+LF external antenna
  • BLE extension

OMNIKEY 5127CK mini

  • Reader Board


  • Housed Reader
  • USB

Powering Trusted Identities

Every day millions of people in more than 100 countries use our products and services to securely access physical and digital places. Over 2 billion things that need to be identified, verified, and tracked are connected through HID Global’s technology.

Ensure Workplace Safety, Security, and Business Continuity

For product inquiries, you may contact Mr. Diego Tolentino, MEC-HID Product Manager at (+63) 9277778876 or reach us via one of our contact forms.

Dynamic Workplace Safety

  • Build a Safe & Secure Workforce
  • Secure Vulnerable Environments
  • Touchless Access Solutions


HID DigitalPersona

HID DigitalPersona

Securing your asset has never been crucial especially for work from home agents Enhance your zero-trust policy with HID DigitalPersona Fingerprint Access Solution Assure you that only your trusted agents are allowed to access their computers even on work-from-home...

HID Omnikey 6121 Mobile USB Reader

HID Omnikey 6121 Mobile USB Reader

Mobile USB Reader The portable OMNIKEY® 6121 is designed for SIM-sized smart cards. Carry the reader with your credentials in your pocket or on your key ring and plug it into your PC via the USB port to access your sensitive data. The portable OMNIKEY® 6121 is...

HID Omnikey 5027 USB Reader

HID Omnikey 5027 USB Reader

High-Frequency Contactless Reader with Keyboard Wedge HID Global’s OMNIKEY® 5027 is designed for customers who want to utilize their existing access control badge for strong authentication to the computer, network, or cloud applications beyond physical access control....

HID Omnikey 5025 CL Reader

HID Omnikey 5025 CL Reader

125 kHz HID Prox Contactless USB Smart Card Reader The OMNIKEY 5025 reader is based on the proven driver and hardware technology to ensure greater stability, durability, and compliance. It provides full CCID support and can be used without the installation of a driver...


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