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The Power To Keep You Going

Uninterrupted Power for Uninterrupted Growth

ChargeUPS is an Intelligent UPS Brand that provides businesses with continuity and peace of mind through Uninterruptible Power Supply Technology especially during power disruptions.

Why Choose ChargeUPS

ChargeUPS provides businesses with quality, low-cost, and highly efficient UPS technology that matches their needs now and in the future. We assure our customers the greatest level of support before, during, and after deployment of our products.

ChargeUPS Solution Suite

ChargeUPS offers a variety of UPS systems for the ICT infrastructure of enterprises of any size and background to keep their business going.


ChargeUPS Intelligent Charging Management

ChargeUPS Intelligent Charging Management

Get maximum network power protection for your mission-critical equipment.Enjoy this cost-efficient & energy-saving feature that comes FREE for ALL ChargeUPS Torch ModelsEnjoy this cost-efficient & energy-saving feature that comes FREE for ALL ChargeUPS Torch...

ChargeUPS RT Series

ChargeUPS RT Series

Ideal for high-end equipment sensitive to power qualityKey Features True double-conversion online UPS technology for high adaptability to harsh mains conditions Supports energy-saving ECO mode Wide input range (120-276VAC) Intelligent communication slot enables remote...

ChargeUPS Winpower Software

ChargeUPS Winpower Software

Monitor, manage, and control power equipment remotely. Leverage the power of intelligent automation with WinPower Software. WinPower is a powerful UPS monitoring software, which provides a user-friendly interface to monitor and control your Inverter system. The...

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