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Aruba (An HPE Company)

Scalable, secure and high-speed connectivity

Performance. Security. Simplicity.

Through global communities and collaboration, HPE Aruba is committed to empowering customers and partners alike to be the driving force that shapes the future of networking.

Why Choose HPE Aruba

HPE Aruba is changing the rules of networking to create smart digital experiences provided by a next-generation network – software-defined, secure, and designed for mobile and IoT.

HPE Aruba Solution Suite

HPE Aruba offers an integrated wired and wireless portfolio, with industry-leading next generation networking architecture designed to be mobile first and deliver a network that is open, secure, and autonomous.


Aruba SD-WAN Orchestrator

Aruba SD-WAN Orchestrator

A simplified model using Aruba CentralSD-WAN inherently addresses many of the configuration issues in operating a large distributed network. It utilizes transport-independent overlay tunnels and centralized traffic routing, based on policies that take into account...

Aruba ClearPass Device Insight

Aruba ClearPass Device Insight

Full-spectrum and visibility and identification of network-connected devicesAruba ClearPass Device Insight is a cloud application that enables network and security administrators to discover, monitor, and automatically classify new and existing devices that connect to...

Aruba Instant On 1960 Switch Series

Aruba Instant On 1960 Switch Series

High Performance, Stackable SwitchesAruba Instant On’s new 1960 Switch Series expands the Instant On wired portfolio to offer Class 4 and Class 6 PoE support, 10GbE uplink connectivity, stacking capabilities, and flexible management. The unified, cloud-based...

Aruba Contact Tracing

Aruba Contact Tracing

Reassure staff, students, and visitors as they return to the workplace.What makes Aruba's contact tracing solution different from all the rest? Aruba's network-based approach uses both proximity and location telemetry to perform contact and location tracing, and the...

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