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Innovation for any Industry

MEC Networks Corporation aims to empower organizations from across different industries with the power of technology through providing customized solutions for our diverse customers.


Next Generation Infrastructure for the Next Generation

With our solutions, learners are able to communicate, collaborate, critically think and create seamlessly and securely – taking them to classroom of the future today.

Banking & Finance

Speed & Security for 21st Century Finance.

We help banks continue innovating by offering fast, reliable, and safe ICT infrastructure – providing maximum performance and security for future-proof banking.


Change the Way You Build the Future

With our solutions, we can help you plan your dream building which is capable of supporting numerous ICT features and gain access to products and services that are essential in constructing your future ready building.


Save Time, Save Lives

We make sure our products, solutions, and services are ready to accommodate the latest technologies in medicine – ensuring patient safety and comfort for a 21st-century hospital.


Innovate Your Guest Experience 

At MEC, we help hotel and gaming facilities in keeping their customers safe and happy with physical security and ICT infrastructure solutions for innovative hospitality.


Optimizing and Automating Production

With MEC, factories can now focus more on its production through secure and reliable systems -keeping machines and applications at optimum functioning level.


Revolutionizing the Shopping Experience

E-commerce websites, mobile applications, and business critical processes that run through the cloud are made more efficient with the products and solutions we offer – providing business owners the freedom to innovate

Telco & Carriers

Rely on World-Class Connectivity

We offer telecoms and carriers with our products, solutions, and services, we enable a fast and reliable connectivity – helping bridge the gap between people and information.

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